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About Us

Our History

We produce quality wines, with a personalized and traditional dedication to the vineyard.

Our passion, our effort and our perseverance have defined us.


Picapoll, a native grape that has become a Bages symbol, gives a fresh wine with a high personality.

Our Products


We offer a great variety of wines for every price point and any occasion, from rich
shardonnay to elegant and creamy brut.
Collection Jaume Grau i Grau
Jaume Grau i Grau
  • Centkat Picapoll Eco 1 600x600
    Picapoll Cent·kat
  • Sensus Crianca 600x600
    Sensus Criança
  • Garnatxa 600x600
  • Aurum Eco 1 600x600
    Avrvm (Eco)
  • Chardonnay Jaume Grau 600x600
  • Centkat Merlot 1 600x600
    Merlot (Eco)
  • Centkat Negre 1 600x600
    Negre jove Cent·Kat
  • Seleccio Eco 1 600x600
    Selecció Especial (Eco)
  • Sumoll Edicio Limitada 600x600
  • Ull Llebre Edicio Limitada 600x600
    Ull de Llebre
  • Gratus Crianca 600x600
    Gratus Criança
  • Syrah 265x370 V1
  • Cava Jaume Grau Grau Brut Nature 300 Ppp
    Jaume Grau i Grau Brut Nature Reserva
  • Cava Jaume Grau Grau Brut 300 Jpg 16.42.55
    Jaume Grau i Grau Brut Reserva

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Grau i Grau family

Macari Pujadó

Macari Pujadó

General manager

Who has lived more years with the family tradition and the cellar development.

Jordi Casanovas Grau

The production of Grau i Grau wines is a result of his passion for wine and oenology.

Marta Pujadó Grau

Marta Pujadó Grau

Export Manager

Thank to her full dedication, Grau i Grau wines are shown worlwide.

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Address: Crta. C-37, d’Igualada a Manresa, Km 75,5
08255 Maians (Barcelona)
Phone: +34 938 356 002