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Discover the history of the Grau i Grau winery. We arrange guided wine tourism tours so you can enjoy our winery and our products.

The Wine Tourism, in Catalonia, offers an ideal solution to escape the crowds and embrace the nature and beauty of the region.

The variety of the grape is the main influence of the style and character of a wine. Soil, climate, and human intervention play a very important role, but grapes are the main ingredient and raw material of flavor.

Come and visit us

In our Grau i Grau winery you can enjoy spectacular views, guided tours of our vineyards and a fantastic tour of our village where we can see the dry stone huts typical of our region and other points of interest offered by the village.

Visit the facilities where you can taste our wines from different vintages. Be the first to discover how the wines of our house are transformed and evolved before going on the market.

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