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Picapoll Cent·kat


  • Skin contact maceration during 16 hours. Controlled and stopped fermentation at a cold temperature of 14-16ºC. Appearance of residual sugars between 6-8 gr/lt.
  • Clear and bright lemon. Citric fruits and apricot in nose typical of Picapoll variety. Floral hints and fresh.
  • Sweet point resulting from stopping the fermentation at a cold temperature. A touch of sweetnesswith a well-balanced acidity that makes a subtle, light and silky wine. Crispy touch in mouth because of its residual carbonic.
  • Good pairing with aperitif and all type of seafood. Between 10ºC and 8ºC.
  • Caixa de 6 ampolles. Alçada: 150cm. Ample: 80cm. Llarg: 80cm. 100 caixes per palet. 25 caixes per pis. 4 pisos per palet. Pes del palet: 840kg.


Fantastic combination between tradition and avant-garde.

With this wine we want to transmit the origins of an autochthonous variety, with a wine according to the current society, thus merging two worlds that are not so far from us.

Cent·Kat is a young, easy, cheerful and sweet wine without complications. Fresh, intended for a young audience but above all, designed to please, with a fine bubble to get a crunchy and modern touch.

On the nose we find citrus and apricot notes, typical of the Picapoll variety. The point of sweetness combined with a balanced acidity makes the wine subtle, silky and light.

We recommend serving it at a temperature between 8°C and 10°C.

Ideal for appetizers and all kinds of fish and seafood.

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Weight 1 kg