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Prowein 2019 welcomes us!

One more year, Celler Grau i Grau attends the most important wine fair in Europe. You already know that we refer to Prowein, the event that allows us to meet people from all over the wine world. And the reality is that Prowein 2019 has given us this great opportunity which, of course, we have taken full advantage.

The fair started on Sunday, March 17, but we were already in Düsseldorf on Saturday to finalize details. We have been in this great German city until Tuesday 19, the day that ended Prowein 2019. It has been 3 days of hard work, but it was worth it!


Weeks of effort before the trip

Work didn’t start on the first day of congress. The previous months have been the key to prepare the entire event, contact potential customers, current, and so on. We had good expectations and they have not disappointed us!

Once in Düsseldorf, as we have said in the previous paragraph, we have met many of the clients we already have. We had the opportunity to give them new wines and they have been able to see new images as from the D.O. Catalonia.

We can say that Prowein 2019 is not only the opportunity to win new customers interested in our products, but also to keep current ones. It is at this moment when we can know how our wines work in the European countries which we are present.

We have received visits from clients that we have in France, Belgium, Holland and Poland. They were small meetings in which they explained the current situation of Grau wines in their countries and the future expectations regarding the products.

Prowein 2019


On the other hand, we have met very interesting people. Among them, importers and distributors of wines from countries such as:

  • India
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Ukraine
  • Russia

They are interested contacts, especially in organic wines, in high gamma and in cava. At our stand they had the opportunity to taste all our Grau i Grau wines. The criticisms have been very nice and we believe that we have high chances of entering several markets in the near future thanks to all these people who have been interested in our product.

Prowein 2019


And now that this edition of Prowein 2019 has finished?

We are waiting weeks and even months in which we have to focus much of our work on contacting potential stakeholders. Reminding them the wines already tasted so seeing the real possibilities of having a good commercial relationship and distribute Grau wines in different countries. In short, make them known in the world! This is the post fair work, which we want and we hope will bear fruit until we return next year to a new edition: Prowein 2020. We already have the official dates: it will be from 15 to 17 March.

We think that we have a better time every year! What do you think?